Posted by PDG Gina Growden- Public Image Coordinator

 In keeping with our new International Theme: "Rotary Opens Opportunities",   the start of a new Rotary year is always an opportune time for all of us to re-assess how we do the things we do in Rotary.
Covid-19 means that many of us are staying home more, have more time available and can tackle all those issues that have been shelved in the ‘when I’ve got time’ basket! 
Now is an ideal opportunity for developing a Public Image plan for the 2020-21 Rotary Year. As you all know, without a plan there is little chance of achieving any significant results. Public Image is a vital component of everything we do in Rotary and a plan that is written down and adopted by all members of the club and has clear and achievable goals will ensure that positive outcomes are reached. 
An effective public relations plan for our club will: 
  • Enhance the club’s public image
  • Gain support and resources for projects
  • Build links with other community organisations
  • Attract qualified members
  • Recognise Rotary members for their contribution to the
  • Correct misconceptions about the club and Rotary. 
Now is also an ideal time to look at our club branding and make appropriate changes to ensure that you comply with Rotary International’s standard. Regardless of whether or not you ‘like’ the compliant Rotary logo (it’s not ’new’ any longer after 7 years! Who calls their 7-year-old car a “new car”?) the decision to change to the logo was made by the Rotary International Board back in 2013, and as Rotarians it is our responsibility to abide by that decision and to make sure that we comply. Does your website display the compliant logo and have all, outdated International themes been replaced by the current 2020-21 theme: Rotary Opens Opportunities? Now is a good time to make those changes. 
Now is also the time to do an audit on your club merchandise—are your banners up to date—if not, order new ones; are your club polo shirts and name badges displaying the correct logo—if not, order new ones—and destroy the old ones—they keep reappearing if you don’t!