Did you know the powerful effect one simple End Trachoma intervention is having in indigenous communities?

Hundreds of packs of light, easily transported and safe acrylic mirror tiles have been and are being delivered to the APY* lands, and to the WA Environmental Health Program. The mirror tiles are donated by Bunnings and feedback has been extraordinary.

Families want and need mirrors installed in their homes to know when to wash, to clean, to look good and potentially feel good.

It appeared mirrors weren’t a priority; many homes didn’t have one. Children were being told to wash their faces to prevent Trachoma but they couldn’t actually see what needed washing.

Over 7,000 mirrors have been installed in communities across South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory through Rotary’s partnerships with environmental health partners. 

Rotary clubs across Australia continue to provide access to hygiene and sanitation opportunities through donations. 

* Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara (APY) is an Aboriginal local government area in the remote north-west corner of South Australia.