We were oversubscribed for both the $10 & $2 Sweeps - but well short of enough to do two of each.  As I said on Tuesday evening, I have now introduced a third Sweep ($5) and have filled all three by:
  • Limiting the last two applications to the $5 Sweep only;
  • Taking account of the flexibility offered by some applicants;
  • Converting a number of the $10 entries to two each in the $5 Sweep (ie double the opportunity for half the prizemoney) - but, with a couple of exceptions, I have avoided touching any entry where there were different individual names for each entry eg Ted H with 6 X$10 in individually different names is preserved, while Ted C with multiple entries in the same two names has had a couple converted to double $5 entries; and
  • Converting a small number of $2 entries in the same manner ie two $2 entries converting to a single $5 entry.
Overall, however, you will be invoiced to pay the $ you committed to, or less.
While I have based everything on the fact that 65 horses were 2nd Acceptances, there are three withdrawals as at 2.45pm today, since those declarations were made. The Draw is being made at 3pm today (with Ted Haydon & John Dean on Zoom) so, to be fair to everyone, all 65 horses will be included, but the 3 withdrawn will result in a reduced invoice for those drawing them.
I will send out the draws for each Sweep within the next 24 hours as well as provide our Treasurer details for invoicing.
Third Acceptances are due to be made on Monday - so quite a few will disappear from the field (and those drawing them will be down the drain at thsat point - bad luck).
I will update the still "live" entries mid next week.
I hope everyone is satisfied with the approach I have taken.  If not, I will be available for public flogging - just make appointments.
Norm Draper