Falowai School Replacement Timor Leste

Falowai Primary School

Falowai is located 7 km from Balibo on a road that is challenging during the wet season.   
It supports the local mainly farming community and most of the students live in the Suco (village) next to the school.
The current school was built soon after the new country was established, a time when resources where limited and the focus on creating schools with the material available.  Many hundreds of students have attended the school that now needs to be replaced.  This school has no toilet.
Proposed changes:  Replace the existing school building using the latest version Government Primary School design which includes a toilet block.   We will also install playground equipment.  When the building is complete it is given to the Ministry for Education who equip and maintain the building.
Classroom construction                $59,356
Toilet block                            $15,977
Plumbing and water tank                  $3,000
Playground shipping and installation          $9,000
Project management and supervision          $6,000
Total Project Cost                    $93,333

Current status:  The contact has been signed and construction will commence in September.  We have raised the funds for the classrooms and need to find the balance by the end of October.

With your help we will make it happen

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