‘NEW CLUBS ARE A SIGN OF THE TIMES’ Article by RI Director-Elect Jessie Harman
 “Over the past six weeks  I have attended charter events for three new clubs. They are examples of the new types of Rotary and Rotaract clubs emerging in our midst and evidence that Rotary is adapting to the times.
The Rotary Club of End Human Trafficking, chartered in the USA, is a causebased club. Its members share a deep commitment to ending forced labour and sex trafficking and its activities and service projects are primarily directed towards that end. Whilst located administratively in District 5960, its membership is international and meetings are held online.
Closer to home in District 9685, the Rotary Social Impact Network celebrated its charter in June. It is an alumni-based club, with members drawn from youth-focused Rotary programs, including Rotaract and RYLA. The Network is targeted towards young people who are actively engaged in Rotary, but have not found a suitable place in Rotary’s traditional clubs. Rather than ‘meet’ in the traditional way, members engage in a range of leadership activities through an online platform.
The third event, the charter of the Rotaract Club of Woolloongabba Pride, occurred on the world stage as part of the Rotary International Virtual Convention. Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Woolloongabba in District 9630, the Pride club will support Queensland’s LGBTIQ community. It is open to anyone from any background and sexual orientation and members are currently working on three main projects: supporting Brisbane’s Rainbow Hub, fundraising for Open Doors Youth Service in Fortitude Valley and developing its own youth program to educate younger people on health and wellbeing.
 These three clubs are part of a growing number of new types of clubs being established to meet the needs of people who wish to connect with Rotary, but are unable or unwilling to join our traditional clubs. Other new club types emerging around the world include satellite clubs, corporate clubs and eClubs as well as hybrid clubs that combine both physical and online meetings. These new types of Rotary and Rotaract clubs are a sign that Rotary is evolving to remain modern and responsive to the changing needs of volunteers. They are also an essential element of our future growth and, alongside our traditional clubs, enable us to expand our reach, attract a more diverse membership, and leverage new ideas and approaches to improve communities around the world.
Learn more about growing Rotary through new club types The Zone 8 Membership Team is hosting two online forums to explore new styles of Rotary clubs as a path to membership development and growth. The forums in September and October will cover new types of clubs, processes for starting new clubs and the factors underpinning their success. The forums are recommended for District Leaders, District and Club Membership Committee Chairs and others with an interest in starting new styles of clubs. “