Rotary Club of Glenferrie
Is also meeting on a Tuesday night
The following is their successful model for Getting and keeping members:
  1. Have a presence in the local community such as our Farmers Market.
  2. Have a dynamic website, eg. Our front page features positive elements – one pic has three women and one young man as an example of some “diversity”.  In other words, we are definitely not “stale, male and pale”.  I think we have Sri Lankan, Chinese, Polish, Argentinian.  From memory, out of 45 members  30% female membership. There is lots of information about Rotary Glenferrie and Rotary in general at the click of a link.
  3. Ask – it is amazing how many people are just waiting, eg. our Membership person last year would sit down in the sunshine at the Market and get into conversation over a takeaway coffee.  He would then chat about Rotary, get their details. And we will continue that now that the Market is back even if with reduced numbers due to COVID-19.
  4. Invite to a meeting when there is a good speaker
  5. Introduce them to members around the room who can make them feel welcome
  6. Get into conversation anywhere and anytime, eg. with friends and family
  7. Have an event attended by non-Rotarians and “sell” the joys of membership
  8. Keep regular contact with the potential member
  9. In conversation, establish that the attendance rules are nowhere near as strict as they were but still the need to keep involved, eg. we have a weekly bread run and in many cases our members collect the bread from Bakers Delight and deliver to the Salvos in Camberwell
  10. I don’t know how successful the letter box drop will be but I believe that we have at least one potential new member – but again regular contact helps
  11. Ensure that potential member is aware of the cost of membership, eg. dinner/lunch/etc.  At the moment, it is a bit difficult to judge due to the fact that we cannot meet in person.  But we are still keeping in contact.
  12. Maintaining members, keep them active and engaged.
  13. Fortunately, we have a couple of under 40 who cannot commit as much as they would like but we still keep them and they and their families take part in activities such as Parkinsons Walk and Clean Up Australia as well as being able to attend the occasional meeting.