The Board of the Rotary Club of Keilor held a special Board Meeting on
September 24thto discuss membership ideas and made the following
recommendations to commence when physical meetings are permitted
possibly in the New Year.
That the club meetings continue to be held on Tuesday evenings.
Meeting time to be changed to 7pm in lieu of 6.30pm.
Meetings to be held in the following sequence zoom meeting, physical meeting,
zoom meeting, physical meeting, the fourth meeting can be a social activity.
Zoom meetings will effectively reduce the cost of meetings for members.
The above sequence of meetings to apply only once Covid-19 lockdown has ended until that time all meeting to be held via zoom.
Meeting venue to be chosen a month int advance.
Meals served at physical meetings to be at 7.15pm.
In a Month with five Tuesday’s the fifth Tuesday can be a
Rotary Means Business meeting
Letter box 100 -150 homes with leaflets advertising Rotary and Guest Speakers
at future club meetings. Public members wishing to attend to respond via the
“Contact Tab” on the club website. another possibly  is use Try Booking,
either method will capture the person’s email address then we will
send out the link to the zoom meeting.
First letter box drop to be in Keilor Village.
Guest Speakers to be advertised on Facebook and the club website.
Board to develop an elevator statement to present to people when talking about Rotary, 
statement to be about 90 words which can be delivered in about one minute