JUNE IS ROTARY FELLOWSHIP MONTH There are countless Fellowship Groups . The following are 3 interesting examples
Australian Golfing Fellowship d The AGFR was born when Australian Rotarians who had been attending golf tournaments around the world organised by the International Golfing Fellowship of Rotarians (IGFR) decided that an Australian version of the Fellowship should be commenced. Australian Rotarians had been attending IGFR Tournaments since 1967, . Email: leigh.judy@bigpond.com
Fellowship of Motorbiking Rotarians IFMR is one of the largest and most active fellowships. It is open to all Rotarians motorcycle enthusiast. Still a lot of Rotarian motorcyclists are not yet members of our fellowship, some even do not know about its existence.They are missing a lot. IFMR means friendship, riding adventures, petrol talks and a lot of fun. Help by disseminating this information throughout the entire Rotaryworld Email: maxine.cole@bigpond.com
Yachting Fellowship of Rotarians The Fellowship is organized in Fleets in different geographic areas around the world. Members are encouraged to join IYFR through a fleet local to their location (members can belong to more than one fleet). Each fleet in the Fellowship sets its own dues structure and often charges a different membership fee Email: - rommeat@bigpond.net.au