Saw a handful of our members interacting and focusing on the Melbourne Cup Race at 3 o’clock
There was joy from those who had the winner in the sweep . This sweep was organized by Norm Draper
There was a $10 sweep, $ 5 sweep and a $2 sweep
Each sweep had 64 contributors and 24 succeeded in owning a horse  
The results were announced  and we had winners – but also lot's more losers!!!  Congratulations to the winners, commiserations to the losers (Norm shared your pain!!!).
Our main purpose was served, however, as we raised good money towards our Christmas Bag project.  Thank you to everyone who entered - and to a couple of generous donors, a very big "thank you".
If you haven't paid your invoice yet, please do so asap.
Results were:
$10 Sweep - 1st Meredith Nolan $150, 2nd Anthony Simpson $60, 3rd Toby Browne (Haydon) $40
$5 Sweep - 1st David Whiting $75, 2nd Carmel Bourke $30, 3rd Fiona Lewi $20
$2 Sweep - 1st Joelle Nolan $30, 2nd Joe Raimondo (TG) $15, 3rd Olivia Bourke $10
You will note that with such a good portion of prizemoney going to VicPol, we should ensure that we escape the most forensic of reviews – Norm says he was very  relieved !!!