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Timor Leste Schools Project - Ainaro

Ainaro is a large district in central Timor with the capital, also called Ainaro, being approximately 5-6 hours away from Dili, the capital of Timor Leste. It is a mountainous region south of Aileu that includes the highest parts of Timor-Leste that extends right down to the south coast. Maubisse where the Bendigo Clubs are involved in a major school rebuilding program is part of the district.

Camp Getaway Mini Golf Course

With the building program well underway it was time to turn our attention to entertainment aspects of the Camp and provide activities for people with disabilities.      Our Rotary Club as taken responsibity to build the first major element a nine hole Mini Golf Course that is wheelchair friendly.      A facilty that people of any age can enjoy.

The first element was design and we worked with the students of the Keilor Primary School which had a major impact on the participants encouraging them to view the world as someone with a disability.