Club Meeting - Chris Reilly, "Sh**box Rally"

Chris Reilly and his team assisted us with our 2017 Car Show, and, from our Car Show profits we donated $500 to assist Chris' fundraising for participation in the 2017 Sh**box Rally.

The Rally challenges teams to drive cars worth <$1000 across some of Australia's most formidable roads, all in the name of charity - and the 2017 Rally ran from Adelaide to Cairns via the Oodnadatta Track.  More than 200 cars travelling 3800km in 7 days, across outback Australia,

Chris will talk about his experiences on the 2017 Rally (his third) in "Freddy the Fairlane"  (and will likely have "Freddy" along for an inspection).  The Sh**box Rally that has raised $11.5M for the Cancer Council over the past 8 years.