Hand Brake Turn

Creating Opportunities for life
The Rotary Club of Keilor is a proud supporter of Hand Brake Turn, an organisation who helps turn around the lives of disadvantaged young people. Hand Brake Turn provides hand’s on training in automotive skills for young people aged 15 to 19 who have difficulty within the mainstream education system. After eight weeks of intensive automotive training along with social skill development, students are rewarded with a Certificate 1, followed by up to 12 months of job search and personal support.
At a recent graduation ceremony the Rotary Club of Keilor handed over a cheque to Hand Brake Turn using a part of the funds raised at the recent Keilor Rotary Club Car Show.  Our club also supports HBT by sending them old cars for students to restore for sale or to use during their training.
An example of the Rotary Club of Keilor working in our local community.

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Baucau Hospital -Linen

                                          Baucau Hospital needs our support                                 
Improving health care in developing countries is one of the Rotary Foundation’s Six Areas of Focus and is a project that all Rotarians are urged to consider supporting.     In Australia we are lucky to have a wide range of medical equipment and supplies donated to the Donations In Kind Stores.     All that Rotary Clubs need to do is find the funds to pay for the freight.
East Timor is a country that deserves special consideration.    It’s a new country working hard to overcome its turbulent beginning and is the poorest country in our region.   Its part of an Australian District and we are the best location to service their needs.     Many Victorian Rotarians are supporters and make regular visits.     It is unique in the Rotary World having a Rotary Liaison officer based in Dili.    The West Footscray Donations In Kind Store is the main shipping point for Australian Rotary Club shipments and there is no limit on the volume that can be shipped.   
We are the best location in the world to identify and service their needs.

Rotary International Victorian Primary School Recycling Project

Every child has the right to a good education, but sadly for many this is only a dream.   70,000,000 children will receive no schooling this year.   Two of the key elements needed to provide education are well equipped classrooms and the things that students need.     In Australia we are very fortunate to be able to replace items before they wear out and discard goods that would be very valuable in developing countries.       We are working with local schools and students to donate all of the reusable material they no longer require, to be given to the teachers and students who lack these resources and who deserve our help.
There are three donation areas of particular interest
•    Recycling the library books no longer require
•    End of year collection of the items students and the school no longer require
•    Recycling equipment that is being replaced
Last year the West Footscray Donations In Kind Store shipped 45 x 20’ containers of goods overseas, the cost was $220,000+ and almost all of this was funded by Rotary Clubs.    Our Club is a strong supporter of this great operation.    Much of the material being collected would have become landfill if we did not provide this much better alternative.  
Sadly unless some without help with donations for shipping there will continue to be times when we can’t collect valuable material because there is no room to store it or funds to ship.    In other states Government contributes to the shipping cost, but in Victoria we have to rely on the Community.    It only cost $4 to ship a chair so a little makes a big difference.
 If this is an area that interests you we hope that you will join with the Rotary Club of Keilor and be partners in this great project

In East Timor there are 100,000 children without desks or chairs

This school was fully equiped with donated equipment and the Rotary Club of Keilor paid for the shipping

Donations in Kind (DIK) Store West Footscray

The Rotary Club of Keilor is proud to be an active supporter of a highly effective recycling operation managed by Donations in Kind store at West Footscray. For 50 year Rotarians have been involved in hands on projects, working overseas on Rotary Australia World Community Service Projects (RAWCS) for more information  Our Club has been involved in many projects over the years and we are currently in the planning and fundraising stage for a project in Timor Leste.
Early projects highlighted how useful surplus material in Australia could be and Rotary Clubs now have a multimillion dollar recycling operation in every state run by volunteers. In the past 10 years over 300 containers have been shipped from the West Footscray Store to all corners of the globe containing goods valued at greater than $20 million. The goods are gathered by Rotarians with support from organizations who understand that their donated goods will go to people in genuine need, regardless of country, race, politics or religion. They are also impressed that Rotary covers the cost of the total operation including funding the freight. If you have goods you feel may be suitable please contact us.
The Rotary Club of Keilor helps by providing material and volunteers who sort, pack and ship the goods.    We also support the Store financially contributing to the rent and running costs which exceed $40,000pa.     
Much of the material that we send overseas for our Club Projects is supplied by the Store. Our Community Mobility Aids Project uses store material and is an excellent example of community recycling.

DIK Standard Opening Times are 9.00am -3.00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays, other times by appointment.   

Contact Laurie Fisher 0428 550 574, or  David Dippie 0408 174773

Postal Address: PO Box 4139 West Footscray VIC 3012
Telephone: 03 9689 0946 Mobile 0428 550 574

Mobility & Lifestyle Aids

The Rotary Club of Keilor, together with a number of other Rotary Clubs in Melbourne’s west, has established a program to facilitate the placement of donated second hand mobility & lifestyle aids into the community where such placement is endorsed and requested by a health, allied health, aged care, disability service provider etc as meeting a need that cannot otherwise be met in a reasonable timeframe because of its urgency, lack of access to funding etc.

Women's Health Project

With the support of the Brimbank City Council’s Community Grants Program, a Rotary Club of Keilor, Women’s Health Project proceeded in two parts in August and September 2011.

A Women’s Health Forum on Sunday 28 August featured outstanding speakers on the 5 most significant women’s health issues in Brimbank:

  • Depression – Debbie Spillane, ABC Presenter & beyondblue Ambassador

  • Type 2 Diabetes – Prof. Lily Stojanovska Msc, PhD, School of Biomedical & Health Sciences, Victoria University

  • Heart Disease – Kathryn “Chook” Taranto, Heart Foundation Ambassador.

  • Breast Cancer – Robin Curwen-Walker, North Western BreastScreen

  • Jacky Tucker – Manager, Family Violence Services, Women’s Health West

In light of the extensive lead up promotion and advertising which occurred via health, community and Council affiliated groups across the community, and in local newspapers delivered to every residence in the municipality, the attendance was very poor. This poor attendance, in part at least, tells us something about how most Australian’s see their health – and that is, “it’s not something to worry about until it really is”. Such an attitude of indifference represents a massive challenge for the health industry and for government – and it is, to some degree, a factor contributing to the escalating rates of a range of medical conditions, including type 2 diabetes, in our community.

Notwithstanding that disappointment, the feedback from attendees was overwhelming, both in relation to the quality of the speakers and the information presented. The consistent comment was “those who weren’t here don’t know what they missed”.

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Camp Getaway Games Room

The new games room will provide another fun / activity element to the Camp and will be built at the same time as the Mini Golfcourse. The first stage was to refurbish one of the old nissen huts which required major structural work. The insde was gutted and the remodeling is progressing well. The electrical work and repainting is complete and it is now time to work on the detail. We need to continue to raise funds and would weclome help with the building work.

If you would like to help contact Harold Simpson 0418 587477

Timor Leste Schools Project - Ainaro

Ainaro is a large district in central Timor with the capital, also called Ainaro, being approximately 5-6 hours away from Dili, the capital of Timor Leste. It is a mountainous region south of Aileu that includes the highest parts of Timor-Leste that extends right down to the south coast. Maubisse where the Bendigo Clubs are involved in a major school rebuilding program is part of the district.

Royal District Nursing Service - Christmas Bags

Christmas Bags for the Royal District Nursing Service



In the lead up to Christmas for the past four years, the Club has supported the local Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) in bringing some Christmas cheer to that service’s most housebound, restricted and isolated clients.

The project normally involves the provision of  up to 100 Christmas Shopping Bags into which we packed Christmas “goodies” (primarily small food items and personal grooming products) for distribution by local Royal District Nurses. 

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Community Health Project

In February 2010, with the support of a Community Grant from the Brimbank Council, the Club undertook a three part Community Health Project.

Part 1, on Sunday 7 February, saw fourteen health information provider organisations participate in a Health Expo at our monthly Market.  The Keilor Hotel generously made its Functions Marquee available and this allowed us to give the high quality displays a very professional appearance - something which helped attract many positive comments on the Expo. 


Part 2 of the project, on the evening of Wednesday 10 February, took the form of a Men’s Health Forum

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